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About Mantis

About Mantis

In a world of diminishing rarity and increasing commercialisation and standardisation, there are those who are still searching for the exceptional, the truly rare and inspirational. They are searching for moments, places, adventures and destinations that will touch their lives forever. Mantis is a brand that understands this search for the exceptional, and is a Pioneer that searches for and uncovers new possibilities and new destinations, so that people can experience those life changing moments that can enrich their lives. Mantis discovers those rare moments and destinations of exceptional beauty that will touch peoples life forever. We believe our Group’s growth and respectability in the market place has been founded on our acknowledgement and respect of the environment, hence the acronym for Mantis: Man And Nature Together Is Sustainable.

Mantis Hotels


Mantis is a family-run collection of award-winning, privately-owned, five-star properties located around the world. Divided into five distinct groups, its specialist areas include boutique hotels, game reserves, eco lodges, ski lodges and chalets, and yachts. Each property represents the finest example of its kind and celebrates the culture, gastronomy, architecture and nature of the locations in which it is found, offering guests a truly authentic experience. Officially founded by Adrian Gardiner in 2000, Mantis is committed to the spirit of conservation and restoration, and each property is sensitive to its surroundings in respect of the building, environment and local community. The handpicked properties link up to create journeys, which offer guests the ultimate life experience and the opportunity to experience the essence of each location.